New site, new blog, Same Mission.

You may have noticed we got a bit of a facelift.

We have been working for a while in the Kitchen to release this new blog and site, and are so happy to have them go live!  This new site is part of a larger mission for us and just one step in the direction of our larger vision. We are a very small team producing all of our kits, vetting recipes, working with our amazing cooks, and hosting cooking classes.  Things have been getting a little crazy over here! Lots to do and lots of things we want to do, but unfortunately we can’t keep doing them all with a small team.  So, as our subscription base for the Culture Kitchen Kits grew we knew we needed to make some decisions about how we would grow Culture Kitchen.

Our mission has always been to spread culture through food and build personal connections between people and different cultures.  We feel we can best do that on a national scale by growing our kit community.  Because of this refocus we have decided to put a hold on in-person Cooking Classes.  We encourage you to check back in the far future as we would love to bring cooking classes back to the Bay Area as our company and team grow.  We hope you understand and share our excitement to continue forward with our mission of sharing culture through food and explore with our Master Cooks in a new way, this time every month.

For more information on our kits visit our site here.

We hope you enjoy good food, good company and always keep exploring.

-The Culture Kitchen Team


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