Kickstarter Campaign

We have great news here at Culture Kitchen, we launched a kickstarter campaign this week to help develop a whole new set of Culture Kitchen kits, but this time with a focus on video.

We have spend the last 6 months working on bringing wonderful menus to your doorstep from some of the best cooks we have had the privilege of working with.  As we have grown our user base and developed more kits one area we feel we have neglected is bringing to life the Master Cooks sharing their recipes.  Each kit has had stories and technique told through the eyes of the Master Cooks, but from the inside we know there is far more to share than that.

Kickstarter is a crowdsourced platform to raise funds and pre-order products that are yet to exist. We are excited to continue producing kits and take them to their next level by bringing the Master Cooks we get to work with in the Kitchen into your kitchen with video.

Our goal is to make every kitchen a Culture Kitchen, and get cooking and exploration to happen daily.  Help share our mission and new Kickstarter campaign.


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