Kickstarter Campaign

We have great news here at Culture Kitchen, we launched a kickstarter campaign this week to help develop a whole new set of Culture Kitchen kits, but this time with a focus on video.

We have spend the last 6 months working on bringing wonderful menus to your doorstep from some of the best cooks we have had the privilege of working with.  As we have grown our user base and developed more kits one area we feel we have neglected is bringing to life the Master Cooks sharing their recipes.  Each kit has had stories and technique told through the eyes of the Master Cooks, but from the inside we know there is far more to share than that.

Kickstarter is a crowdsourced platform to raise funds and pre-order products that are yet to exist. We are excited to continue producing kits and take them to their next level by bringing the Master Cooks we get to work with in the Kitchen into your kitchen with video.

Our goal is to make every kitchen a Culture Kitchen, and get cooking and exploration to happen daily.  Help share our mission and new Kickstarter campaign.


Unveiling the Culture Kitchen Box

We have gotten many requests asking exactly what does it look like to get a Culture Kitchen Kit.  So we made this quick video to help represent what a dinner party with Culture Kitchen could look like.

Hope you enjoy and to Good Food, Good Company and exploration!

Culture Kitchen Vietnamese Box with Linh

We love hearing directly from our Master Cooks! This month get to know Linh and the incredible recipes she is sharing in the next Culture Kitchen kit.  In a few minutes you will get to know all you need to cook and eat like a true Vietnamese expert.

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Film Shoot with Suchitra

Yesterday we had our first shoot day with Suchitra to capture her recipes and stories on video. It was fantastic, flavorful, and delicious and the highlight of our week here at the office.

It is incredible to be able to hear the stories behind the cooking and get firsthand tips from a true expert chef. I think there is a misconception that you are either a cook or not and somehow it is in your DNA or a product of something you have no control over. You either can handle the gas range or burn everything on it. However, the more chefs we work with and the more we learn about their cooking history, it just becomes so clear that anyone can learn to cook incredible food to share with their friends and family. We keep hearing these transformative stories that our master cooks have of their process to become incredible cooks and so much of it is like the story any of us could have. Start with minimal to no training or cooking exposure and slowly begin making a few dishes, getting help from friends and family members, following recipes and just realize that it is okay to make mistakes and learn.

Cooking is something that comes with time and over various exposures by watching incredible cooks and following their recipes until you get your personal version. I love hearing these stories of failure, learning, and success.

A few photos of the shoot here.

Meet Suparvadee!

We wanted to give you all a look at what learning from our Master Cooks is really like.  Meet Suparvadee and some of our Culture Kitchen Students as they tackle one of our favorite Thai Menus.